Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 10.56.13 PMThere are certain things in life that can’t wait to be done later.

At SIDE CAPITAL we provide convenient quick loans to both salary workers and the self-employed.

We provide quick loans to our clients to pay school fees, rent a place, start or support a business, purchase assets, or consumer goods and all other pressing personal needs.


LOAN DURATION: Maximum of 6 Months

·       Proof of source of income/employment

·       1 passport size photograph

·       Copy of a valid national ID (Voters, NHIS, Driver’s license or passport)

·       6 Months Bank Statement

·       3 Recent Months Pay Slips

·       Original copy of Document on Asset(s) to be provided as collateral

All documents listed above might be required depending on the loan request and type of business

Personal Loan Application form  [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]