At SIDE CAPITAL, we believe that the most assured way to build and grow wealth for financial success is through savings and prudent investments.

SIDE CAPITAL is committed to providing fortune building investment packages with high yielding interest rate to our clients to grow their wealth and provide for assured future incomes.

Our investment products are for fixed term durations of 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS AND 1 YEAR

Why invest with us ?


  • Experienced and Qualified Investment Managers
  • Highly Attractive and Competitive Interest Rates
  • Free investment and financial planning advice
  • Investment can be used as collateral for a loan from SIDE CAPITAL
  • Monthly Statement of Accounts on your investment with SIDE CAPITAL
  • Dedicated Relationship officer for all your needs and enquiries
  • Reliability in delivering on our promise
  • Speed and simplicity of processes
  • Security of your investments

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