SIDE CAPITAL is a non-bank financial institution established to offer a complete range of business focused financial solutions and consultancy services. We offer financial products custom-made for institutional and private clients’ financial empowerment.

The firm is established to constitute a well-structured financial intermediary which is at a pivotal position to work for the exceptional growth of the funds of individuals and corporate bodies needing an opportunity to grow their wealth. Simultaneously, SIDE CAPITAL aims to make funds available for individuals and institutions wanting funds to expand and grow their business or solve pressing personal monetary needs.

It is the firm’s objective to provide world-class researched and innovative financial solutions that drive growth of businesses and better the lives of individuals.


SIDE CAPITAL understands the needs of SMEs on critical business areas needed for growth.  Upon this, we have developed effective and efficient business solutions, tailor-made to solve persisting challenges of SMEs and propel them for growth.



To become a role model financial institution setting the best standards for better practices in any market we find ourselves for the financial empowerment of our clients.


To provide a tailor-made customer centred service to each client for utmost customer satisfaction.