SIDE CAPITAL is a non-bank financial institution established to offer a complete range of business focused financial solutions and consultancy services.


Business Loans

At SIDE CAPITAL we understand that any thriving business venture will at some point in time need financial support for growth and expansion
Our doors are open to all levels and types of business seeking easy and convenient access to credit at competitive interest rates aimed at growing the businesses of our cherished customers.

We have loan products for SMEs, no matter the nature and size of the Business for new equipment purchase, clearing of goods from the port, paying rent for office or shop and other business needs



Personal Loans

There are certain things in life that can’t wait to be done later.

At SIDE CAPITAL we provide convenient quick loans to both salary workers and the self-employed.

We provide quick loans to our clients to pay school fees, rent a place, start or support a business, purchase assets, or consumer goods and all other pressing personal needs.




At SIDE CAPITAL, we believe that the most assured way to build and grow wealth for financial success is through savings and prudent investments.

SIDE CAPITAL is committed to providing fortune building investment packages with high yielding interest rate to our clients to grow their wealth and provide for assured future incomes.

Our investment products are for fixed term durations of 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS AND 1 YEAR



Enterprise Development and Advisory Services 

SIDE CAPITAL understands the needs of SMEs on critical business areas needed for growth.  We have developed effective and efficient management solutions, tailor-made to solve persisting challenges of SMEs and propel them for growth

Our team composing of professionals’ well-versed in accounting, finance and investment as well as business management offer advice, support and education to our clients aimed at promoting their individual financial empowerment and growth of their businesses.

Our services are geared toward SMEs with huge potential for growth and also SMEs seeking advice and support to recover from crisis.